[arch-general] systemd-networkd and netctl with multiple interfaces

Bennett Piater bennett at piater.name
Thu Nov 12 18:52:20 UTC 2015

> Well, it depends on whether wlan0 and eth0 are on different networks. If
> they are, then the answer is yes, and you are screwed.
> If both interfaces get the same ip, then you can maintain persistent
> connection. For example, let's assume that you constantly switch between
> different interfaces (wlan0 <--> eth0), when you move between buildings on
> campus.
> In the latter case, you can bond wlan0 and eth0 (bond0 := wlan0 + eth0) and use
> bond0 in all your networking scripts (but still, wpa_supplicant runs on
> physical wlan0). In this case, nothing but the kernel cares what physical
> interface carries the traffic. Last time I checked about a year ago,
> systemd-networkd had some obscure bug in this situation, so I'm using netctl
> that works perfectly. If you need, I can dig out the relevant profiles.

I mostly just use LAN when I need to download a lot of stuff at home,
because WIFI is much slower even at 54 Mb/s, especially since my home
network is 1 Gbps. So I could just turn WIFI off in those cases, that
would be an acceptable situation.

However, I want to understand all of this as fully as possible.
So, yes, I would appreciate your profiles - but please take your time
digging them out :)


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