[arch-general] Line Drawing Characters

David N Murray dmurray at jsbsystems.com
Sat Nov 14 16:10:01 UTC 2015

Hi all,

I've built several machines by installing Arch from scratch. Recently, I 
built a Linode VM using their Arch image, dated 2015-08.  From there, I 
did a normal `pacman -Syu` to update the system.  My problem is probably 
trivial, annoying, and I haven't been able to figure it out.  I'm hoping 
someone can give me a hint on where to look.  I've been through the 
post-install docs and can't figure out what might be causing this.

The machine I'm on is running xfce and I'm using xfce4-terminal 0.6.3.  
If I do something like `systemctl status`, I see output that is mostly 
ascii characters: * on the first line next to the name of the host, pipe 
(|) next to each line in the CGroup.  If I ssh into another local 
machine, I see the same thing.

My problem is on the Linode box.  When I ssh there and run the same 
command, I'm seeing garbage where I see pipes next to each line in the 
CGroup output.  I don't know if this is going to paste properly, but 
I'll try:

    CGroup: /

    CGroup: /

On the linode box, those 2 characters actually occupy 6 characters in 
the output and the last 5 characters are each drawn in a box and 
overwrite the first character of the process name.  All the characters 
appear as "garbage."

What's really strange is that the output from `top` is fine, and that 
appears to use some graphics and color.

Has anyone seen something like this?  All sessions have the same TERM 
variable (xterm).  This is an area of any Linux I've never spent much 
time.  It always just worked out-of-the-box (for any distro I've ever 
used).  The only thing I can think of at this point is to try and diff 
the two systems' /etc directories and see if I can track it down that 
way.  Maybe that's next.


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