[arch-general] Line Drawing Characters

Zorro hz0885 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 14 16:35:38 UTC 2015

Op 14-11-2015 om 17:10 schreef David N Murray:
> Hi all,
> I've built several machines by installing Arch from scratch. Recently, 
> I built a Linode VM using their Arch image, dated 2015-08.  From 
> there, I did a normal `pacman -Syu` to update the system.  My problem 
> is probably trivial, annoying, and I haven't been able to figure it 
> out.  I'm hoping someone can give me a hint on where to look.  I've 
> been through the post-install docs and can't figure out what might be 
> causing this.
> The machine I'm on is running xfce and I'm using xfce4-terminal 
> 0.6.3.  If I do something like `systemctl status`, I see output that 
> is mostly ascii characters: * on the first line next to the name of 
> the host, pipe (|) next to each line in the CGroup.  If I ssh into 
> another local machine, I see the same thing.
> My problem is on the Linode box.  When I ssh there and run the same 
> command, I'm seeing garbage where I see pipes next to each line in the 
> CGroup output.  I don't know if this is going to paste properly, but 
> I'll try:
> Local:
>    CGroup: /
>            |-init.scope
> Linode:
>    CGroup: /
>            ├─init.scope
> On the linode box, those 2 characters actually occupy 6 characters in 
> the output and the last 5 characters are each drawn in a box and 
> overwrite the first character of the process name.  All the characters 
> appear as "garbage."
> What's really strange is that the output from `top` is fine, and that 
> appears to use some graphics and color.
> Has anyone seen something like this?  All sessions have the same TERM 
> variable (xterm).  This is an area of any Linux I've never spent much 
> time.  It always just worked out-of-the-box (for any distro I've ever 
> used).  The only thing I can think of at this point is to try and diff 
> the two systems' /etc directories and see if I can track it down that 
> way.  Maybe that's next.
> TIA,
> Dave

Maybe you can check the LANG setting?

I have LANG=en_US.UTF-8 and TERM=xterm-utf8.
Changing LANG=en_US on my system changes the drawn lines in the output 
of systemctl status into pipelines.

Harm-Jan Zwinderman


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