[arch-general] Problems with movie playback (HTML5)

Matthias Schmidt xhr at gmx.net
Wed Nov 18 12:41:40 UTC 2015


Am 18.11.2015 11:49 schrieb Łukasz Michalski:
> Hi,
> After recent update I have problems in HTML5 movie playback.
> In Chromium, films on YouTube are buffered but don't want to start at
> all. Pressing play/pause has no effect. I can manually move  playback
> to different time but this only causes new frame to show without
> playback.
> In firefox I can play video, switch on another one but I cannot reload
> page - firefox freezes completely.
> System updated with pacman 16.11.2015.
> Anyone seeing similar things?

Yes, I saw this with mpv on the command line under X. A restart of the 
WM and X
did not solve the problem for me. As with the others I had to reboot my 

Would be really nice to know what's the root cause.



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