[arch-general] Linux still at 4.2, but nvidia and virtualbox compiled for 4.3?

G. Schlisio g.schlisio at dukun.de
Sun Nov 22 10:21:33 UTC 2015

> It seems like these are looking for Linux 4.3, but the linux package in
> [core] is still at 4.2.
> I'm afraid if I'll reboot, there will be problems with the graphics driver.
> Why wasn't the linux package updated alongside these others?
> Or am I wrong, and is this harmless?

either your mirror is out of sync or we have an inconsistent repo state,
where someone moved some modules bevore moving the kernel.
in the signoff report from an hour ago linux-4.3-1 is fully signed off,
but not moved yet. you can check the current state of the packages at
the website.
you fear for reboot seems legit - you could either wait for a consistent
state (which is to appear soon) or manually take the respective packages
from [testing] (or via the web interface.
hope this helps.

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