[arch-general] Makefile possibly removed libc?

Jürgen Werner jotz.csp at web.de
Fri Sep 11 10:04:58 UTC 2015

> Thanks guys, but pacman -qk sublime-text and glibc both listed a pile of
> files and said nothing was missing.  Normally when I screw up this bad id
> uninstall/reinstall but I will not have net access on this machine for
another two weeks so its sneaker net for me.  any other ideas?

Hi Vattan,
unless you ran sublime as root it could have not damaged anything system
relevant. Usually if I run out of disc space, I made the observation,
that either my home or the /tmp directory is screwed up. Try to
delete/rename the .sublime folder in your home. Also, if your /tmp
directory is not in RAM, clean it.
If neither helps, try starting sublime as a different user (with clean
home directory).
Good luck!

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