[arch-general] Firefox display problem

Gabriel Hidasy Rezende gabriel at hidasy.xyz
Fri Sep 18 11:54:24 UTC 2015

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Francis Gerund writes:

> Using Firefox to access http://cnn.com, photos show up, but often have a
> superimposed small, hollow rectangle in the center of each.  The rectangles
> contain the characters "FI" above the characters "33".
> Is this a sign of some missing component from Firefox, or just an error at
> the cnn.com website?  Or something else?

Do you happen to have no-script enabled? Some pages rely too much in js
and break in various ways without even a tiny bit of it.

I suggest creating a new temporary profile (firefox -P, create it under
/tmp), and test the site there, if it works, then the problem is in your
profile (most likely in your extensions, but possibly on cache), else
its a bug between the site and firefox.

Gabriel Hidasy Rezende
Ciencia da Computação, Unicamp

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