[arch-general] Glade package outdated

Antonio Rojas arojas at archlinux.org
Thu Sep 24 21:10:14 UTC 2015

Lukas K. wrote:

> Hi there,
> the glade package is outdated for quite some time now. Glade 3.19 has
> been released June this year and still isn't included in the Archlinux
> repos. I flagged the package out of date several times, but the flag got
> reset without the package being updated. Are there any roadblocks in
> updating the package to 3.19? I'm running Glade 3.19 for some time
> without any issues.

Glade 3.19 is a *development* release, as it's clearly stated on their web 
page: https://glade.gnome.org/

Please make sure that there's a new *stable* version before flagging 
packages as out of date. 

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