[arch-general] mkvtoolnix-gtk: The new GUI is missing

Benjamin Robin dev at benjarobin.fr
Mon Sep 28 22:01:17 UTC 2015

There is a problem with your PKGBUILD. The build performances set aside.
The PKGBUILD [1] provided in the bug report is built much faster.

You try to be able to install mkvtoolnix-qt alone without the
mkvtoolnix-cli package, right ?
Well this cannot work since mkvtoolnix-qt needs the locale/translation.

And since mkvtoolnix-cli *must* be a dependency of mkvtoolnix-qt,
there is no point to have the manual mkvinfo-gui.1 which is identical
to mkvinfo.1. You can if you want create a symbolic link.

[1] http://pastebin.com/rtguGrbR

> @Benjamin: Feel free to give the diff a spin before we push it, it's working
> fine here, the only gripe I have with the new GUI is that the left toolbar
> is completely black, but that may just be because my desktop is powered by

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