[arch-general] things specific to Arch?

Maarten de Vries maarten at de-vri.es
Sat Apr 16 20:38:14 UTC 2016


On 16 April 2016 at 22:22, bill . <billwx at live.com> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> New member here and new Arch user having come over from arch-based
> Manjaro. I admit i installed with Architect and am thankful for it as i
> don't know that i would have been able to do so without it. So far my
> experience has been a good one, but i know i have much to learn.

​Welcome to Arch. Always nice to see new faces.​

One thing that puzzles me is with every other linux i've used i formatted a
> usb flash drive with the command sudo mkdosfs -n xxxx -I /dev/sdx where x's
> are specific to file names and disk drives. This does not work in my Arch
> (the development version and lxqt. Is there a different way specific to
> Arch, or something i need to download to get this function?

mkdosfs in part of the dosfstools package. In general, if you're looking
for a specific tool (or other file) you can search the repositories for it
using pkgfile. You first have to install pkgfile though, it's in the
pkgfile package ;)

Also, usually when i first install a linux there are updates, sometimes
> tons of them. When i use pacman -Syu it says there is nothing to update. Is
> this common/ correct?

​That is correct, arch installs by downloading the latest packages from a
mirror, so you always install a fully up-to-date system​. I must admit I
don't know what Architect is, but I imagine this is still true.

I appreciate Arch for its up to date repository, among many other things.
> There are just a few things i need to know in order to use it better. Good
> to be a part of the real deal. Many thanks for your time!
> -bill

​I hope this helps.


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