[arch-general] GTK2 GUIs became a PITA after upgrade

Ralf Mardorf silver.bullet at zoho.com
Sun Apr 17 17:05:46 UTC 2016

On Sun, 17 Apr 2016 17:37:08 +0100 (BST), flow wrote:
>> On Sat, 16 Apr 2016 23:04:17 +0100 (BST), flow wrote:  
>> >Most of GTK2 apps are ok. Got wrong font in seamonkey and qupzilla
>> >only since latest upgrade.
>> >[ALPM] upgraded qt5-base (5.6.0-2 -> 5.6.0-3) [2016-04-10 20:32]
>> >[ALPM] upgraded qt5-webkit (5.6.0-2 -> 5.6.0-4) [2016-04-10 20:33]  
>> Qupzilla shouldn't be affected by the GTK-debacle.  
>What about seamonkey?
>> Here Qupzilla and any other Qt app always used and still use wrong
>> font sizes. I don't know how to handle Qt5 fonts. I don't care,
>> because qtconfig-qt4, resp. .config/Trolltech.conf already had no
>> affect at all.
>> How did you select what font Qupzilla and other Qt apps should use?  
>qtconfig , font

I don't have seamonky installed, but it seems to be a GTK2 app.
If gtkrc-2.0 doesn't do the job, I don't know what to do.

[rocketmouse at archlinux ~]$ cat .gtkrc-2.0
# Auto-written by gtk2_prefs. Do not edit.

gtk-theme-name = "Adwaita"
style "user-font"
	font_name="FreeSans 12"
widget_class "*" style "user-font"

Regarding qt5 I have no idea, and as already pointed out, I don't care,
since just the font size always was and still is annoying here, but the
font type is ok.

Did you read man pages and wikis?

[rocketmouse at archlinux ~]$ ls -l /usr/bin/qtconfig*
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root  9 Dec  6 02:34 /usr/bin/qtconfig -> qtchooser
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 25 Apr 22  2015 /usr/bin/qtconfig-qt3 -> /usr/lib/qt3/bin/qtconfig
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 25 Apr  9 09:34 /usr/bin/qtconfig-qt4 -> /usr/lib/qt4/bin/qtconfig
[rocketmouse at archlinux ~]$ pacman -Qo /usr/bin/qtchooser 
/usr/bin/qtchooser is owned by qtchooser 53-2
[rocketmouse at archlinux ~]$ pacman -Qi qtchooser 
Name            : qtchooser
Version         : 53-2
Required By     : qmidiroute  qt5-base
Optional For    : qt3  qt4

[rocketmouse at archlinux ~]$ pacman -Si seamonkey
Depends On      : [snip] gtk2 [snip]

"GTK+ and Qt
If you have GTK+ and Qt applications, their looks might not exactly
blend in very well. If you wish to make your GTK+ styles match your Qt
styles please read Uniform look for Qt and GTK applications.
Configuration of Qt apps under environments other than KDE Unlike Qt4,
Qt5 doesn't ship a qtconfig utility to configure fonts, icons or
styles. Instead, it will try to use the settings from the running DE.
In KDE or GNOME this works well, but in other less popular DEs or WM it
can lead to missing icons in Qt5 applications. One way to solve this is
to fake the running desktop environment by setting
XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=KDE or GNOME, and then using the corresponding
configuration application to set the desired icon set. Another solution
is provided by the qt5ct package, which provides a DE independent Qt5
QPA and a configuration utility. After installing the package, run
qt5ct to set an icon theme, and set the environment variable
QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME="qt5ct" so that the settings are picked up by Qt
applications." - https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/qt#GTK.2B_and_Qt

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