[arch-general] about mrelendig's, scimmia's, and dreisner's behavior

Eli Schwartz eschwartz93 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 13:59:27 UTC 2016

On 08/11/2016 02:06 AM, fnodeuser wrote:
> jason, spare us the bullshit. go back to the forum to ban some more 
> people. you are not here to make anything better.

You aren't here to make anything good, so what can he possibly do to
make it better?

Nothing... except for laughing at you via some highly-accurate comments
about your anonymous and incoherent emails that lack value.

Well, he wasn't the only person to treat you with disdain, so if you are
determined to believe your treatment has nothing to do with your
behavior, then you might as well stop irritating everyone by spamming
the mailing list, since so far the community has demonstrated that they
side with the heinous, abominable, "all-I-do-is-ban-people" jasonwryan.

> this is not spam.

Yes, it really is.

Spam -- those useless emails that waste everyone's time by having no
redeeming values.
Spam does not *only* mean the time-wasting emails that offer unrealistic
sex or free millions of $$$s -- it means *all* the time-wasting emails.

> it never made a difference even when i did not use 'bad language'. 
> you can either talk seriously or you can fuck off.

If it doesn't make a difference and you will be ignored either way, why
do you bother saying anything? You have already determined it will not

The only reason is
    a) to vent and rant and thereby let off steam
    b) to bother the regular users as "punishment" for using a
distribution that has offended you

> this is about the task hiding and their unacceptable behavior as 
> members of the arch linux team.

You have yet to tell us which tasks have been hidden, therefore we are
forced to assume (in the absence of even an *attempt* at proving
anything) that you are simply lying.

It would make a lot more sense that you are lying ;) since they are
long-standing members of this community and presumably did not get there
by being small-minded creeps who randomly targeted you to hide
everything you say (and how do you hide it anyway -- by assigning it to
the internal hidden development projects? Seems like a lot of
inefficient and clutter-worthy effort to go to just because "they hate

Eli Schwartz

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