[arch-general] Question regarding storm dragon's install script. When trying to tell my vm to run the script, I keep getting the message, bash, no such file or directory. Anyone here that is using the talking arch distort able to get this working. Has the url chabnged perhaps. If so, should this not be fixed in the directions? Also I noticed in the command the url to run has 2 and simples. Is this correct?

Storm Dragon stormdragon2976 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 18:22:39 UTC 2016

The existing instructions should be valid, and yes, it is 2 & symbols. Those mean, if the last command executed successfuly, do the next instruction. If you want to break it down into a more readable series, it could be ran as:
curl -s https://stormdragon.tk/scripts/vm.sh > vm.sh
When your prompt comes back, then run:
bash vm.sh
If you are familiar with irc, I am usually on irc.netwirc.tk (spelling is not network), in room #talkingarch. Also, I can meet with you on mumble if you need additional help, just let me know.
HTH, and good luck with the script.
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