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A Blesius onkel-pflaume at web.de
Fri Aug 19 15:27:48 UTC 2016

Am 19.08.2016 um 17:17 schrieb ITwrx.org:
> I, myself, don't want to hear "news"/propaganda about MS open source
> trapware in an Arch Linux mailing list or anywhere else for that matter.

Some might be interested in it. That's what a ML is for.

> I see it's been uploaded it to aur. great. I won't be using it or voting
> for it's inclusion in official repos. 

Well, gratz on that. Other people might find it interesting, though.

> I'll refrain from responding to
> "what this might mean for the future".

If you want to ignore the topic altogether (which is fine, since it's
your personal decision), why bother replying to the ML on this topic at
all? That's just creating noise for everyone.

I've been interested in Powershell since its inception, and I might even
install it from AUR just for curiosity. I agree that it should not be
part of the main repos, since I don't see a need for it. Nothing in AL
"depends" on Powershell, so the AUR is the right place for it. But why
shouldn't we discuss or even work with Powershell? It's just a new
language we can use if we want to - and *don't* use, if we don't wish to.
I don't understand why there's such great rejection against Powershell.
Is it because it comes from MS? Is everything MS does evil? I think not.
A rhetorical question to provoke thought: Would we reject a language
written by e. g. the FreeBSD community?

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