[arch-general] Pacman Hooks

Jayesh Badwaik archlinux at jayeshbadwaik.in
Sun Aug 21 11:45:02 UTC 2016

On Sunday, 21 August 2016 06:35:22 CEST Arsalan Afzal via arch-general 
> Had the same problem when I was working on a package of mine. I
> believe what you are looking for is this
> https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/pacman#Hooks. In particular look
> at the alpm documentation linked there and put in the first directory
> listed in that paragraph. You'll find some nice hook examples as well
> in that directory

Thank you all of you for quick responses. I read the pacman#Hooks page. 
It is not that descriptive, but alpm hooks look descriptive enough. 

Jayesh Badwaik
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