[arch-general] Alternative init system proposal

Ivan parazyd at dyne.org
Mon Feb 8 05:20:46 UTC 2016

On Sun, 07 Feb 2016, Devon Smith wrote:

> No. Systemd is here to stay. Maintaining another's init would be a waste of
> time and too much work. Plus, why on earth would people want to waste time
> maintaining another init system when the one we have works? Is there
> anything lacking in systemd that is available in openrc?

systemd isn't going anywhere. I'm not here acting as a GNU preacher or
whatever. I do not want to replace systemd, I am merely proposing an 
alternative to systemd for Arch Linux users. And users do want
alternatives. Especially Arch Linux users. After all, to put it simple:
Arch was always about control and customization. Why wouldn't users be
able to choose their initsystem/servicemanager? 

Time maintaining for sure would not be wasted. Reading the emails that
started as a reply to you might give you some insight. 

Arch is arguably one of the biggest distributions around today. By
offering an alternative init system, the community would undoubtly
become even bigger, and eventually, bring in more donations, and support
from all kinds of folks.

Is there anything lacking in systemd? Honestly, I would say there's too

~ parazyd
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