[arch-general] Alternative init system proposal

Chao Feng chaofeng111 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 13 01:44:25 UTC 2016

On Thursday, February 11, 2016 4:12:24 PM CST João Miguel wrote:
> I agree with you, the devs have more work to do, etc., but the cause of
> these never-ending discussions must be pointed out: community attitude.
> Bear with me for a moment:
> OpenRC was working fine in Arch. Artoo's way was the most updated and
> way to run it. Then some users thought: "Very tiny number of Arch users
> use OpenRC and they have to choose from two methods" (actual quote). I
> came for Linux because of choice! Why would they be bothered to remove
> information on something that worked? Saying it "breaks often"? It's
> bleeding edge! And it seldom breaks. Users in the forums just want to
> know why a version isn't working, why can't we host that type of
> content? What's wrong with people? Artoo was pushed far enough to leave
> Arch, now there are no AUR packages for OpenRC.
> Please, just let people be. Accept the possibility of different stuff
> and opinions, instead of trying to make everyone conform to what you
> think they should do/use/choose/write...

:) The question comes from me.  The full question is:
"Very tiny number of Arch users use OpenRC and they have to choose from two 
methods. Why? Could they be unified into just one?"[1]

When I ask the question, each section of Openrc wiki page is seperated into 
two ways. There is no comparsing of the two. Even as a three years gentoo 
daily user, I could not grasp why there need two methods. So the why is just a 
'''plain''' why. I want to know more info and add the to the wiki.

I am sorry if my words make you feel that I want to kill choice. Just want you 
to know my real intention. I hope Arch openrc users could settle down on the 
difference and unite together to win more.

With my ArchWiki admin hat on:

The removal of artoo way is announced in advance and wating for objection for 
more than one month. No one reply. So it is removed. This is the same process 
as any other wiki pages. 

Archwiki is open to anyone after all, so if you really want to add artoo way 
back, here is my suggestion:

1. Create a seperately page about openrc artoo way.
2. Explain the difference between the two ways. Give their advantage and 
disadvantage so reader's could make their own choice. 
3. Add a link to artoo way in the openrc main page.


[1] - https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php?title=Talk:OpenRC&oldid=390102

> João Miguel

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