[arch-general] Error message with full disk encryption

PeLo L pelo99 at outlook.com
Sun Feb 14 16:23:46 UTC 2016

adding 'shutdown' hook doesn't seem to work. Modifying '/etc/fstab'  and replacing the UUID with  '/dev/mapper/crypt-boot' did the trick. 

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El 13/02/2016 a las 6:44 p. m., P. A. López-Valencia escribió:
> Well, it doesn't happen to me unless I add the hook. Probably it was
> true three years ago, but it got broken along the way. I customarily
> replace the udev hook with the systemd hook and not even then is the
> initramfs copy created on /run/initramfs unless I add the sd-shutdown
> hook. Or keep the udev hook and add the shutdown hook. Both work for me. :-)

I correct myself. I was under the impression that the sd-systemd hook
worked but it doesn't. Stick to the old udev and shutdown hooks.

Pedro A. López-Valencia
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