[arch-general] Vulkan packages

Jan Alexander Steffens jan.steffens at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 07:38:40 UTC 2016

On Feb 15, 2016 4:46 AM, "Eric Engeström"
> I was thinking of splitting it into 4 packages:
> - `vulkan-loader` with everything you need to run an app compiled against
> Vulkan (/usr/lib/libvulkan.so*). This is what Vulkan-apps packages would
> `depend` on.
> - `vulkan-headers` with everything you need to build an app for Vulkan
> (/usr/include/vulkan/* & /usr/lib/pkgconfig/vulkan.pc) (depends on
> `-loader`)
> - `vulkan-sdk` with all the debugging and validation stuff from LunarG
> (/usr/bin/*, /usr/share/vulkan/*) (depends on `-headers` + `-loader`)
> - `vulkan-manpages` (self-explanatory :P)

If those are all versioned in sync I'd be in favor of doing a minimal
amount of splitting, with only vulkan and vulkan-sdk packages. Which
package the headers are part of depends on their size (too large => sdk)
and whether they're really enough to build the typical vulkan app (not
enough => sdk, since you want that anyway).

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