[arch-general] can't balance full btrfs raid6 filesystem

Guus Snijders gsnijders at gmail.com
Sun Feb 21 11:36:44 UTC 2016

Op 20 feb. 2016 16:06 schreef "Jameson Pugh" <imntreal at gmail.com>:
> On Sat, Feb 20, 2016 at 8:04 AM, Alistair Grant <akgrant0710 at gmail.com>
>> On 20 February 2016 at 02:38, Jameson Pugh <imntreal at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>  I have a raid6 btrfs filesystem which I filled up, and added a disk to:

>> If you haven't already done so, I'd also suggest posting this to the
>> linux-btrfs mailing list (see
>> https://btrfs.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Btrfs_mailing_list)
> Yes. I've tried removing files after adding the device. Unfortunately,
there are no snapshots. I could try removing subvolumes. I'll try the btrfs

Out of  pure curiosity I took a quick look at the archives of that list and
it looked quite promising (though i'm not sure if it was the same OP).

If it works, could you post here also? I have a feeling you won't be the
last person to run into this situation.

Mvg, Guus Snijders

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