[arch-general] time setting problem after installing.

matthew dyer ilovecountrymusic483 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 20:50:17 UTC 2016

Kennoth, I am on a mac using easteron.  I am the us ohio. NewYork would 
be the closest time zone .  I think it is a matter of changing it to use 
america/new_York if that makes sence.


On 07/03/16 22:39, Kenneth B. Jensen via arch-general wrote:
> On 07/03/2016 03:27 PM, matthew dyer via arch-general wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I just installed arch into a vertual machine dfor now as I do not have
>> a bare boons system to install to at the moment.  Any way  I have a
>> problem whare  my system thinks I am in lundon uk and not in the us.
>> I have tried running NTPD-QG but I am told that the command not
>> found.  I want the clock to show the correct local time and not have
>> it showing  4 hours ahead of it self.  Any ideas on how to fix this.
>> I want to show it in .profile, but it just creates a new file instead
>> of using the exhisting file.  How can I change my time to the corect
>> local time?  Thanks.
>> Matthew
> Hi Matthew,
>      Did you set the timezone correctly? If so, is your virtual machine
> using your machine's time as UTC? If it is, then make sure that you set
> your timezone as UTC.

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