[arch-general] [Classroom] Git for Gits

fsckd fsckdaemon at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 16:32:48 UTC 2016


If you are interested in starting with Git, there will soon be a 
class for beginners called "Git for Gits", taught by polyzen and 
meskarune, on Saturday, 16th July, at 16:00 UTC. It will be held in 
the IRC channel #archlinux-classroom on the freenode network.

The class will cover the basics of creating and using a Git 
repository. Git is used by many FOSS projects to manage code. It is 
used extensively in Arch Linux, such as on the AUR. You can also use 
it to track dotfiles, configuration, blog posts, college essays, and 
any textual data (and even non-textual).

The class is also a workshop where you will get a chance to play 
around with a Git repository. Please visit the following web page to 
sign up. You will need to make an SSH key. Directions are on the page:

polyzen is a lactose intolerant Linux Professional. He has been using 
Linux for about 5 years, and switched to Arch Linux over 3 years ago.

meskarune is an artist, programmer, and sysadmin. She has contributed 
to FOSS for 16 years and been an Arch user for 9 years.

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