[arch-general] Announcing pacpak

Bennett Piater bennett at piater.name
Sun Jul 10 10:52:04 UTC 2016

> A specter is haunting the GNU/Linux ecosystem: the specter of per-user
> containerization. Software like Flatpak and Snappy promise fully
> sandboxed GNU/Linux application bundles (instead of merely launching an
> application with fewer privileges but without hiding the operating
> system, like Bubblewrap or Firejail do). Bundles ship with the version
> of their dependencies which they need. Dependencies are not
> force-upgraded with the operating system, but easily upgradable by the
> bundle creator. The same files in different bundles and versions are
> deduplicated to save space. Applications can be containerized once for
> all modern GNU/Linux operating systems. Unlike Docker, Flatpak works
> without root privileges.

Are you planning to address the catastrophy that ensues when 5000
different versions of important libraries are installed at the same
time, most of which will always be 5 critical security updates behind?

Or the absurd memory consumption caused by the effective end of dynamic

I am very cynical about this container trend... :/


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