[arch-general] Mono package updates

Daniel Isenmann daniel at archlinux.org
Mon Jul 11 15:00:46 UTC 2016

no there is no issue. I just have little free time to do the update. I will
try to do it this or next week.

Update will come, sorry for a little delay on this topic.


Phil Uithoven <phil at uithoven.net> schrieb am Sa., 9. Juli 2016, 14:16:

> Is there an issue with updating the mono package?
> The current 4.4 package that is in the repo was built on 3/28 and was way
> before 4.4 actually went stable.  I’m not sure why an unstable build was
> used in the repo, but it caused issues and many users had to roll back to a
> 4.2 version package and put it on hold (me included).
> 4.4 then went stable on 6/8 as well as 4.4.1 stable on 6/21 but we still
> haven’t seen the package updated.
> http://www.mono-project.com/docs/about-mono/releases/
> Can we have a mono update please?

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