[arch-general] [Archboot] Custom created Archboot ISO won't boot on qemu OVMF EFI

Alive 4ever alive4ever at live.com
Sat Jul 16 10:45:27 UTC 2016

I also noticed that the x86_64 tarball is smaller than i686 tarball
# du -sh core-x86_64.tar core-i686.tar
211M    core-x86_64.tar
601M    core-i686.tar

# du -sh *.iso
661M    Archlinux-allinone-2016.07-dual.iso
262M    Archlinux-allinone-2016.07-dual-network.iso
266M    Archlinux-allinone-2016.07-dual-uefi-network.iso
531M    Archlinux-allinone-2016.07-i686.iso
142M    Archlinux-allinone-2016.07-i686-network.iso
190M    Archlinux-allinone-2016.07-x86_64.iso
135M    Archlinux-allinone-2016.07-x86_64-network.iso
184M    Archlinux-allinone-2016.07-x86_64-uefi.iso
140M    Archlinux-allinone-2016.07-x86_64-uefi-network.iso

What am I doing wrong here?

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