[arch-general] [Archboot] Custom created Archboot ISO won't boot on qemu OVMF EFI

Alive 4ever alive4ever at live.com
Sun Jul 17 05:23:27 UTC 2016

On Sun, Jul 17, 2016 at 05:16:50AM +0000, Alive 4ever wrote:
> After 'having fun' with archboot, I finally got it working on both UEFI
> and BIOS. Just make sure that x86_64 and i686 archboot systemd container
> have proper package cache. This can be achieved by bind mounting host
> package cache '/var/cache/pacman/pkg' to chroot package cache. Also make
> sure that /tmp in which archboot-allinone.sh -g performed is large
> enough to hold image creation, at least 4GB.
> However, a very serious problem occured. The resulting Archboot dual iso
> doesn't properly contain all packages needed for installation. The most
> notable is 'libnftl'. 'systemd' (core) depends on iptables (core).
> 'iptables' can't be installed because 'libnftl' is missing (extra). This
> is serious problem that prevented archboot development for about two
> months.
> I know that 'archboot' only contains 'core' repository. As temporary
> solution, 'libnftl' should be added as 'SUPPORT_ADDITION' in
> archboot-svn.sh, so that users will be able to get a working
> installation by using only the 'archboot' image.
> I strongly suggest to move 'libnftl' to core repository to prevent this
> problem i.e. 'base' can't be installed without access to extra repository.

I mean 'libnftnl' library, which is also depends on 'libmnl'.

These two packages (libnftnl and libmnl) should be moved to core

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