[arch-general] Announcing pacpak

pelzflorian (Florian Pelz) pelzflorian at pelzflorian.de
Wed Jul 20 11:56:53 UTC 2016

On 07/20/2016 01:11 PM, Carsten Mattner via arch-general wrote:
> FWIW I couldn't get Firejail's Firefox profile to work.
> What's the link for bubblewrap? It's such a generic term that it's
> hard to look up.

bubblewrap-git is in the AUR; it didn’t work for me though the last time
I tried. I think it didn’t have the right permissions (setuid or user
mount capabilities), but I’m not sure. Flatpak uses Bubblewrap
internally however.

I have not tried vanilla Firefox with Firejail, but Icecat works well
the way it is described on the Arch wiki. Maybe you need to use the
--no-remote option on Firefox if you have another running Firefox?
Firejail does not isolate from other Firefox sessions.

Florian Pelz

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