[arch-general] ML is being sent to Spam by Gmail

Eli Schwartz eschwartz93 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 15:18:17 UTC 2016

On 06/08/2016 04:55 AM, Florian Pritz via arch-general wrote:
> On 08.06.2016 06:26, Eli Schwartz via arch-general wrote:
>> dkim header remarks indicate either failed or missing dkim sigs for
>> those messages.
> That's weird. For me the signatures very just fine. Could you show me
> the exact error you get (assuming there is one)?

In one, I see:
Authentication-Results: luna.archlinux.org;
        dkim=fail reason="signature verification failed" (2048-bit key)
header.i=@dray-be.20150623.gappssmtp.com header.b=lZvs/tYM

In another, I see the line:
Authentication-Results: luna.archlinux.org; dkim=none

> Maybe also run the full mail (source, including headers) through
> `opendkim-testmsg` (part of the opendkim package)? If there is no error,
> the mail verifies fine.

I did try that, by saving the email(s) from Thunderbird. It matches what
I'd expect from the Authentication-Results header.

[eschwartz at arch ~]$ cat /tmp/Re\:\ \[aur-general\]\ afraiddns-git\
PKGBUILD\:\ review\ and\ criticism\ welcome.eml | opendkim-testmsg
opendkim-testmsg: dkim_eom(): Bad signature

[eschwartz at arch ~]$ cat /tmp/\[aur-general\]\ Updating\ MATE\
Packages.eml |opendkim-testmsg
opendkim-testmsg: dkim_chunk(): No signature

> Also missing DKIM signatures are not our fault and FWIW a missing
> signature should not cause mails to go to spam. An invalid signature
> also shouldn't unless there is a DMARC policy for that domain that
> states so. archlinux.org currently doesn't publish a DMARC policy so the
> default of letting everything through applies.

Correlation does not imply causation. On the other hand, I know very
little about mail protocols so I am just floating suggestions and hoping
someone who knows more than I can find the answer. :)
I did not check every email.

> We do change the From address of any mail that uses DMARC though and
> resign the mail with our key so that signatures for those mails are
> valid. Since we change the From address, the DMARC policy of the
> original sender no longer matters.

I noticed that. It is slightly frustrating since most things seem to
come from the mailing list rather than the original sender...

> I don't know if gmail provides any information as to why they classify a
> specific mail as spam, but if they do, please show me. If they do not,
> please send me all the headers of one mail that has been delivered to
> spam so I can check them for possible problems.

"Why is this message in Spam? It's similar to messages that were
detected by our spam filters.  Learn more"

So, no. :(

Pastebins of the two emails I have referenced here:

> Do the mails that go to spam have anything in common? Do they all
> contain links or are they all sent by users from a specific domain? For
> mails where we change the From address, the old address appears is added
> to CC so check that as well.
> Florian

Well, none of them have had the From address changed (although there are
some which do not get changed which were not sent to Spam, so I don't
know if that means anything).

And some users have sent emails that go to Spam as well as emails that
do not go to Spam.
Two users whose email went to spam use gmail.com addresses.

Eli Schwartz

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