[arch-general] DKMS question around removal of kernel modules

Bruno Pagani bruno.pagani at ens-lyon.org
Wed Jun 8 18:05:13 UTC 2016

Le 08/06/2016 à 20:03, Genes Lists via arch-general a écrit :

> When I install a new kernel, I notice that DKMS removes previous kernel
> modules as well as adding them to the new kernel.
> In the real old days these were not removed at all - so removal is a
> good thing.
> The issue is that the old kernel is still running and until machine is
> rebooted the modules wont be available I would think.
> I wonder - Is there a way to mark the deletion to happen after the new
> kernel is booted ? 
> I may well be missing something of course.
> Installed 4.6.2 kernel  while 4.6.1 running - pacman says:
>  (1/1) Remove DKMS modules 
> ==> dkms -q remove -q -m vboxguest -v 5.0.20_OSE -k 4.6.1-2-ARCH
> ==> dkms -q remove -q -m vboxhost -v 5.0.20_OSE -k 4.6.1-2-ARCH
> ...==> dkms -q install -m vboxguest -v 5.0.20_OSE -k 4.6.2-1-ARCH
> ==> dkms -q install -m vboxhost -v 5.0.20_OSE -k 4.6.2-1-ARCH
> ...
> Thanks for any thoughts.
> gene

That’s expected, and in fact the same thing happens for normal kernel
module. I don’t see why DKMS module should be treated differently. ;)


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