[arch-general] RetroArch refuses to go back into windowed mode after fullscreen

Diego Viola diego.viola at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 14:19:44 UTC 2016


I've been having this poblem for a while now, and I reported the
problem here, because I think its' a bug in the Intel driver.


The problem happens when I use retroarch and I play a game, I press F
to go into fullscreen mode, but when I press F again, the video is
paused and retroarch hangs.

This happens independently of the core I'm using in RA.

At the moment, the problem is present with the 4.6.1-2-ARCH kernel,
but if I compile 4.6.1 myself, the problem does not occur.

Is there anything the package maintainers can do about this? Or this
is something only the Intel developers can tackle?

My system is archlinux x86_64, Intel i915 driver, Dual-Core  CPU
E5500  @ 2.80GHz desktop machine, 2GB of RAM. I was able to reproduce
this on my ThinkPad T450 as well, so I don't think the hardware is
that relevant.


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