[arch-general] Arch PXE setup with existing dhcp server/apache/vsftpd

David C. Rankin drankinatty at suddenlinkmail.com
Wed Mar 2 22:24:33 UTC 2016


  I was interested in setting up a boot server to provide Arch install, as well
as several other boot/setup options. I have existing Arch servers with ISC
dhcpd, apache, vsftpd, and I've installed tftp. I have looked at:



  Both seem to have different pieces of the puzzle. The PXE page provides
examples for use of dnsmasq, darktable, and tftp. However running dnsmasq would
conflict with the existing ISC dhcp service and how would xinetd know how to
differential between an ftp request that should invoke tftp or vsftp?

  The Diskless_system page, uses existing dhcp config, but then pulls files from

  I've looked at dozens of ubuntu and centos pages (which is primarily what you
get when you search for PXE boot setup howtos), but most are of such poor
quality, it is hard to tell what the salient parts of the setup are.

  My confusion comes in seeing how I can continue to serve the rest of my dhcp
clients and also PXE boot requests (from what I can tell, it shouldn't matter,
everybody still gets an address, and those non-PXE clients should ignore the
additions to dhcpd.conf -- hopefully)

  Additionally, all other howtos show mounting the .iso loop and then copying
the files to the tftpboot location. Why bother with the copy, why not just mount
the .iso loop at the proper tftpboot location?

  If anyone know the answer to whether the PXE config additions to dhcpd.conf
will conflict with normal dhcp clients? or whether having both tftp and vsftp
served by xinetd is an issue? I would appreciate your answer. I think I can take
if from there. If you have any other pointers about setting up a PXE boot server
with this configuration I'd appreciate that as well.

  I'll add whatever working solution is arrived at to the wiki. Thanks

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.

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