[arch-general] Archlinux KDE 5

Maciej Sitarz macieksitarz at wp.pl
Tue Mar 15 11:54:34 UTC 2016

W dniu 15.03.2016 o 12:41, Maykel Franco pisze:
> I use archlinux with desktop environment. About the full day, works fine.
> But when I come to work the next day, do not let me put the password to
> unlock the screen. I have to restart the computer...
> See logs:
> http://pastebin.com/MbVeSk5U
> Sorry for my english and thanks in advanced.

I'm facing a similar problem, what I do is login on tty2 and run:
killall -9 kscreenlocker_greet

The process will restart after that and you'll be able to input your 

Best regards
Maciej Sitarz

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