[arch-general] Proposal: add "--disable-modern-top" to procps-ng configure flags

Eli Schwartz eschwartz at archlinux.org
Sat Dec 9 23:36:10 UTC 2017

On 12/09/2017 12:19 PM, Jonathon Fernyhough wrote:
> No, I was asking how to propose changes without it being viewed as
> complaining.

You proposed changes after three years of an *upstream* default, when
Arch is a distro designed around the philosophy of packaging *upstream*
code, and when the appropriate response is to either:
1) Convince upstream their default sucks. Because the default does
indeed suck,
2) Spread the word to all and sundry, that the default sucks, hopefully
eventually the procps-ng maintainers will realize there is nothing
"modern" about this.
3) Come to the sneaking realization that, yes, top sucks, but not just
because of this -- and ditch top for htop. Because top sucks, and
--disable-modern-top will not fix that.

> So fine, I'm not an Arch user or dev - but so what? Do you
> want me to quote your own Code of Conduct here? I assume it's not just
> "because Manjaro" as that would be counter-productive for everyone.

We're generally fine with "I'm not a Dev", where do you think TUs
eventually come from? People who contribute with ideas, help,
infrastructure suggestions, etc. Griping about a rather obviously
subjective *policy* decision is not, however, a "change", it's a
political request that assumes everyone agrees with you about how top
"should" look (and clearly some people like it, or even upstream
wouldn't support it).

Mind you, we didn't realize you were a Manjaro user. So you have another
option too -- ask Manjaro to override our package with their own, since
naturally Manjaro as a "value-added Arch derivative for beginners" would
want to validate their existence by, well, adding value for beginners.

> As far as this issue goes, I'm happy to leave it that the Arch devs
> aren't interested in making the change, as apparently there is zero
> merit in the proposal, despite `top` currently not honouring terminal
> colour settings and so being inaccessible. Even if there were any merit,
> any change now would undermine the hard-line position you've taken.

htop is *very* accessible, consider trying it. :)

Eli Schwartz

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