[arch-general] Proposal: add "--disable-modern-top" to procps-ng configure flags

Jonathon Fernyhough jonathon at manjaro.org
Sun Dec 10 11:33:44 UTC 2017

On 10/12/17 03:27, Doug Newgard via arch-general wrote:
> To be clear, the real issue people are having with you here isn't your
> proposal. It's the fact that you submitted it to the bug tracker, the
> maintainer saw it, thought about it, and rejected it, but you couldn't let it
> go at that. You instead drew out a forum thread to the point it got closed,
> then decided to continue here. That is not the behavior of someone who wants
> discussion or to contribute, it's the behavior of someone trying to cause
> trouble. It comes across as petty and whiny. Please remember this for future
> interactions.

I think you're re-framing the timeline here, possibly showing that your
view of events was influenced by your view of me "trying to cause
trouble". I was told the forum is a separate entity which devs don't
read, hence it was pointless discussing this there. I've already said
why I sent to list after the bug report was closed.

I don't think I have been disrespectful to anyone in this entire
exchange, and have answered or responded to points raised during the
discussion. I made one tangential post in response to what seems to be
people's fears of posting.

But, point taken: I shall remember these events for future interactions.


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