[arch-general] No ipv6 address - but only on one machine

David Rosenstrauch darose at darose.net
Fri Dec 22 17:15:07 UTC 2017

Having a weird situation going on with IPv6.  Every machine on my 
network can successfully get an ipv6 address except for one.  (My main 
server.)  What's even weirder is that ipv6 was working on that machine 
up until probably about a week ago.  Not sure what the problem is, and 
hoping someone here might be able to offer a pointer.  Here's the 

1) Wifi router reports an IPv6 address on both the WAN and the LAN 
sides.  (In the 2607: range.)
2) Mac desktop behind the router successfully gets assigned an ipv6 
3) Linux laptop (running Arch) successfully gets assigned an ipv6 
address (using NetworkManager).
4) Linux server (also running Arch) does not get assigned an ipv6 

The server is using netctl for networking, and its profile includes:

## For IPv6 autoconfiguration

Yet for some reason, this machine doesn't get assigned an external ipv6. 
  Rather it only gets assigned one in the link-local range.  (I.e., in 
the fe80: range.)

I have to admit this is pretty puzzling.  I can't for the life of me 
figure out why the server can't get an address.  Particular since it was 
able to do so successfully probably about a week or so ago.

Anyone have an idea what could have happened here?  Has there been some 
package update recently that might explain this?  Or any pointers on how 
I might go about debugging this?



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