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Felix Yan felixonmars at archlinux.org
Mon Jul 3 10:10:48 UTC 2017

On 07/03/2017 02:48 PM, Sebastian Reuße via arch-general wrote:
> Sebastian Reuße via arch-general <arch-general at archlinux.org> writes:
>> Felix Yan <felixonmars at archlinux.org> writes:
>>> An idea is to provide an alternative package database in the ghc-static
>>> package that only contains the boot libraries. You will need to ignore
>>> global package database and specify that alternative path to use it.
>>> Does this sound like useful?
>> That does sound preferable to not being able to do sandboxed static
>> builds at all. I’ll also try pinging the Cabal folks when I get a
>> chance; maybe it would make sense for cabal-install to be able to
>> enforce reinstallation of dependencies without listing all packages
>> explicitly.
> As a follow-up, Cabal currently tracks issue #1175 [1]. There seems to
> be a disinclination against implementing «cabal install --reinstall
> --dependencies-only» in preference to enabling Cabal to track installed
> files and detect when registered packages have files missing. Since this
> is tied up with improving Cabal’s package management facilities, my
> guess is that this isn’t something that will see the light of day too
> soon; so Felix’ proposed workaround of using an alternative global
> package DB might be required in the meantime.

Thanks for the info. Please try out ghc{,-static} 8.0.2-2 which is in
[community-testing] now.

This is an example of how it works for me:

$ cabal sandbox init
$ cabal install

Felix Yan

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