[arch-general] systemd on bios computer

Michał Zegan webczat_200 at poczta.onet.pl
Wed Jul 5 19:08:16 UTC 2017

Just ignore this error, as it is irrelevant to your machine.

W dniu 04.07.2017 o 20:52, Jude DaShiell pisze:
> When doing a systemd upgrade I get:
> (3/7) Upgrading systemd-boot...
> Couldn't find EFI system partition. It is recommended to mount it to
> /boot. Alternatively, use --path= to specify path to mount point.
> error: command failed to execute correctly
> Are either of the above alternatives even viable for a real bios
> machine? This one got built when efi was somewhere on the drawing board
> or maybe before efi ever got to the drawing board.
> -- 

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