[arch-general] New - systemd 234 - luks partition fails to ask for password

Noah Schoem nschoem at gmail.com
Sat Jul 15 21:20:41 UTC 2017

I'm also running cryptsetup 1.7.5-1, but with an out-of-date linux kernel
and systemd (4.11.9-1 and 233.75-3, respectively) and it's working fine;
it's plausibly a regression with one of those two.

Is this bug also present on the linux-lts kernel? I've found some issues
I've had go away with a different kernel.

On Jul 15, 2017 16:07, "Genes Lists via arch-general" <
arch-general at archlinux.org> wrote:

This has been working for years - starting on recent reboots systemd is
failing to ask for password for luks encrypted /home partition and boot

Fully updated from testing repos - when I reboot now, systemd no longer
asks for password to unlock luks partition. There is no hesitation at all
and no password prompt at all. The boot runs through and gives an error
that crypt set up failed.

Root is not encrypted just /home. I'm then prompted to press Ctl D or
give root password and drop to single user mode - doing that then I can
manually do:

   cryptsetup open /dev/sdxx home

which prompts for password and succeeds

After I do above, then the error goes away evidenced by:
   systemctl status systemd-cryptsetup at home.service

shows all is normal - exiting from single user 'repair' mode - then
boot continues and completes normally. And /home gets mounted via
/dev/mapper as normal

The issue is with latest systemd that I no longer get prompted for a
password for the luks encrypted partition.

systemd password agents:
running systemd-ask-password by hand does indeed ask for password
in the console.

/run/systemd/ask-password is empty directory.

the journal contains this:

systemd-cryptsetup[316]: Failed to query password: Timer expired
systemd[1]: Failed to start Cryptography Setup for home.
(Its possible that the bug is in systemd-cryptsetup in latest release?)

# pacman -Q linux systemd

linux 4.12.1-2
systemd 234.0-2
cryptsetup 1.7.5-1

I googled but was no able to find any relevant bugs - checked systemd
github issues but found nothing similar.


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