[arch-general] No extract menu on Dolphin

Junayeed Ahnaf Nirjhor at outlook.com
Sun Jul 16 10:54:21 UTC 2017

Thanks it worked

Junayeed Ahnaf Nirjhor
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Subject: Re: [arch-general] No extract menu on Dolphin

El Sun, 16 Jul 2017 07:09:50 +0000, Junayeed Ahnaf via arch-general

> Hello,
> I can't see any "extract here > autodetect subfolder" menu on dolphin . After googling I found out it is a common problem in Ubuntu and the fix is
> sudo ln -s /usr/share/kde4/servicetypes/konqpopupmenuplugin.desktop /usr/share/kservicetypes5/
> but it doesn't work on arch. Any idea how can I fix this in arch ?

Install ark. And I would stop running random commands you find on the internet if you don't fully understand what they do, especially as root.

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