[arch-general] Procedure for getting informed about ban duration and reason

mpan archml-y1vf3axu at mpan.pl
Wed Jul 26 22:28:39 UTC 2017

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  I’m asking for an advice on how to proceed. I am *not* discussing
the reasons or trying to rant.

  The situation is:
   — On July 25th at 3:10 UTC I have been banned on #archlinux-offtopic
     with the reason „fuck you” and a warning „next time you trash talk
     on the ops, I set it to a week”. I was sleeping at the time, so
     I have discovered that just before 16 UTC.
   — Since I was given no info on the ban duration and the reason seemed
     strange, I’ve wanted to contact the op responsible for the ban. He
     was absent, so I was advised to use phrik’s !later to send
     a message. This is what I have done, asking for the reason and
     the relevant logs with the context.
   — The op has appeared. After waiting for a hour I’ve received
     no response, so I have PM’d him with the same question.
   — After another hour of waiting there was still no answer, but seeing
     the op on #archlinux I’ve asked him about the issue. I was informed
     that if I am going to ask about that, the ban will be prolonged and
     then I was threatened with a “final warning”.

  It’s July 27th ~22:30 UTC and I am neither unbanned, have no
information on ban duration or the actual reason and being prohibited
from querying that via IRC. What should I do next?


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