[arch-general] Login Statistics Similar to Centos

William Gathoye william at gathoye.be
Fri Sep 1 18:38:24 UTC 2017

On 09/01/2017 08:26 PM, brent s. wrote:

> You don't execute pam_lastlog.so directly.

> As shown, pam is calling the pam_lastlog.so object (which is why you
> can't execute it; it's not an executable, it's a Shared Object).

Ok. Actually, I saw this was a shared object, and I wondered this is the
first time  was seeing a SO which was executable. This confirms y
assumption :)

> To do this over SSH, /etc/ssh/sshd_config has UsePam yes (and
> PrintLastLog yes is enabled by default)

I already did knew about this PrintLastLog feature but I wasn't aware
this was PAM responsible of that (I thought this was sshd looking in
wtmp or lastlog manually).

Btw, do you know how to achieve the same behavior but on TTY or in GUI
opening a shell console (then added in the shell conf, like bashrc)? Do
you think we need to parse the output of the "last" command manually, or
do you have any other solution avoiding to reinvent the wheel?


William Gathoye
<william+archlinux at gathoye.be>

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