[arch-general] Detect broken DHCP setup

Giovanni Santini itachi.sama.amaterasu at gmail.com
Tue Sep 5 22:09:52 UTC 2017

Good morning,
tl;dr: I was wondering what could be the best way to check a DHCP setup.

Briefly: our landlord provides us Wifi through a telephonic company
service. However, the routers placed in the building after some time
lose the DHCP settings.
While I can fix it on my computer with a reconnection, such a method is
not applicable to my Raspberrys.
On one I have Raspbian, on the other ArchLinuxARM. While I found a
possible solution for the Raspbian, for ALARM I have some doubt.

On that device I am using *systemd-networkd + systemd-resolved* for the
network setup. However, I saw no real method to check if the DHCP
configuration is valid (while NetworkManager provides an element through
DBus inspection).
Does anyone has some knowledge about it?

To be fair, I am asking as I am sure the 'ping Google DNSs and if it is
screwed restart the networking, use this as a cron job' will likely
work, but I was interested in a more elegant way to approach it (like
the NetworkManaged DBus introspection).
Thanks in advance to all!

Giovanni Santini
My blog: http://giovannisantini.tk
My code: https://git{hub,lab}.com/ItachiSan

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