[arch-general] gnome fix needed

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at panix.com
Sun Sep 10 09:41:32 UTC 2017

I discovered this and was able to recover, and think gnome could do with a 
I put together a script to completely erase gnome from this system and for 
the most part that script worked really well.  The exception was that it 
also removed wpa_supplicant since I had cascading and recursive and 
unneeded packages being removed.  Without wpa_supplicant on a system that 
system in command line mode isn't getting out onto the internet.  I put 
wpa_supplicant back on the system using the install disk I have and the 
internet at least is working correctly.

I was trying to get orca talking on the system and couldn't do it so 
figured it's best if I start with a clean slate which is the reason for 
the removal script.  I'll run it for xorg and mate before I'm finished and 
try to get all of this stuff running again without questionable 
configuration files on the system.  I think I may get lucky.  According to 
email from another list, apparently neither gdm nor lightdm will get us 
screen reader users to a talking orca, but xorg should get that job done. 
If someone has the time, please run sudo -H Xorg --configure and let me 
know if that command errors out with a segmentation fault at address 0x50 
or any other address or if you get a configuration file generated.  It 
could be xorg configuration on this system is also messed up beyond repair 
and I'll have to clean that out too.


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