[arch-general] tmux/systemd: tmux user service exits on detach/logout

Ismael Bouya ismael.bouya at normalesup.org
Mon Sep 25 08:16:26 UTC 2017

> as follow up on this (probably not so interesting thread for too many),
> I have tested systemd 234 successfully.
> The weechat instance within tmux (or tmux itself) still ends
> sporadically, but not the main tmux user session.
> So, in conclusion, whatever has been broken in systemd 233, was probably
> fixed again in 234.

Hey David and all,
I'm in 234.11-8 and I still have this issue. What did you end up with
during your tests?
I do have KillUserProcesses=no and lingering for my user (it was working
for ages without issues before this summer for me too), and made other
various tests among the ones you mention, but it seems like you have the
right combination.

Kind regards,
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