[arch-general] [Classroom] Python for Beginners - Part 1

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Fri Sep 29 22:27:48 UTC 2017


The class Python for Beginners - Part 1 will be held on 
Wednesday, October 04, 2017 at 16:00 UTC in the channel 
#archlinux-classroom on the freenode network. The class is 
expected to run for about 2 hours.

This class will introduce you to programming with Python and how 
to use IPython with an editor/IDE. Commonly used built-in 
functions and libraries will be explained. Other topics will 
explored based on participant interests.

The class will be screen-shared live (via YouTube), and later 
archived with subtitles. Questions and some discussion on IRC is 
expected, however the main part will be video and audio.

In preparation for the class, install the Jupyter notebook. 
``pacman -S jupyter`` or, in a Python 3  virtualenv, 
``pip3 install jupyter``. Also check out the python-beginners 
git repository on Arch Classroom's GitHub[1] where you will find 
IPython notebooks and links to useful resources on learning 
Python: https://github.com/archclassroom/python-beginners

pulec is an Arch Linux user since 2012, gamer and gardener. He 
makes a living using Linux and Python since 2013 and recently 
joined Red Hat. He hopes to spread IT knowledge and open source 
ideas to the general populace. 
Some code - https://github.com/Pulecz

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