[arch-general] do i need to match bind and bind-tools versions ?

Jens John lists at 2ion.de
Sun Aug 5 14:59:08 UTC 2018

On Sun, Aug 05, 2018 at 02:23:10PM +0100, niya via arch-general wrote:
>hi everyone
>i need to install bind version 9.11 for a samba dc,
>do i have to match bind-tools to the same version
>or can i install the latest version of bind-tools version 9.13.

 * On Arch bind-tools has no dependency on bind, so it should be 

 * Note that bind-tools 9.13 has some open bugs relating to IPv6 address 
   parsing in resolv.conf, so you might want to use bind-tools 9.11 

 * If you need to deploy a bind service in a specific version, you may 
   want to consider using a containerized deployment to minimize
   interference with the base system and maintenance burden as you 
   probably want to stay on the 9.11.x release train for a longer period 
   of time. Docker, LXC, LXD (only via AUR) would all work.

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