[arch-general] Kernel source URL change

Giancarlo Razzolini grazzolini at archlinux.org
Wed Aug 8 02:54:11 UTC 2018

Em agosto 7, 2018 23:31 W B via arch-general escreveu:
> It isn't an order.
> Can you tell us why this change was required, please?

Have you read the original post to the list? Specially this [0]?

Those tar files you just linked are not signed by Linus anymore, they are signed
instead by Greg Kroah-Hartman. You would have known this if you bothered to actually
download them and check the signature.

Another reason for this move is to apply our patches as commits. You can use any other
kernel if you want.

[0] https://www.kernel.org/minor-changes-to-tarball-release-format.html

Giancarlo Razzolini
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