[arch-general] libxfont: removing fontsproto breaks dependency 'fontsproto>=2.1.3'

Kyle kyle at free2.ml
Wed Feb 14 20:32:35 UTC 2018

Maarten de Vries ALIANDIKA:
# ​pacman -Rs $(pacman -Qqdt​)

Unfortunately this will break my system. It's trying to remove git for 
one thing, which is definitely something I need. Not to mention that I 
installed git explicitly, so pacman definitely shouldn't be removing it. 
I can see a whole lot of other explicitly installed packages as well as 
packages that are installed as build dependencies that would also be 
removed using this method, which is unacceptable at least on my system.

On the initial topic of this thread, there has to be a cleaner way to be 
sure that packages like libxfont get removed in an automated way because 
they are no longer needed, rather than my upgrade causing an error 
because a package that is no longer in the repository breaks the upgrade 
instead of just being removed. It also doesn't help that there wasn't 
even so much as a news post on the subject before this unclean update 
was introduced. And when people are called stupid and worse for 
reporting and reopening a bug report because their upgrade process was 
broken and no news post was announced, I don't care how many times the 
bug report was reopened, users, even experienced users like myself, find 
this very off-putting. It does more to drive good people away than it 
does to help anyone. TBH I'm actually glad someone brought this to the 
public list and that the link to the closed bug report was added, so 
that we can see the true nature of the beast here. Users are never 
supposed to be the enemy, but even experienced power users who have 
contributed and don't post much to the list except to try to help when 
possible now feel we are being treated like last weeks garbage due to 
the handling of this dirty package upgrade, the lack of a news post and 
subsequent insults hurled at the community for reporting the bug, and 
yes, it is a bug, even if the best resolution is to post news. At the 
very least, a better explanation is in order, rather than insulting the 
intelligence of users and outright name calling because someone 
disagrees with the concept of a dirty upgrade being a bug.
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