[arch-general] Why no git --depth=1 option for makepkg?

Eli Schwartz eschwartz at archlinux.org
Mon Mar 5 00:38:08 UTC 2018

On 03/04/2018 07:13 PM, Damjan Georgievski via arch-general wrote:
>>> This means that PKGBUILDs which checkout a specific revision are
>>> actually worse than the rest, as you cannot even get the source without
>>> knowing how many commits you need (rather than failing afterwards in
>>> pkgver() or something).
>> Right. I had assumed that git clone -b/--branch did also exist for
>> tags.
> https://www.kernel.org/pub/software/scm/git/docs/git-clone.html
> --branch can also take tags and detaches the HEAD at that commit in
> the resulting repository.

... huh, I stand corrected. :D

I did not realize this was possible -- I've looked at clone depth fairly
often but never noticed this... well, you live and learn!

This actually makes it pretty easy to clone what you need in a stable
PKGBUILD that checks out a tag (but not one that checks out a commit).

Although it makes it no easier to also grab commits that are
cherry-picked in prepare() or get the output of `git describe` for an
unpredictable number of commits since and including a tag, which are
also significant blockers. And these cannot be syntactically parsed from
the source=() which means they would require PKGBUILD metadata to either
indicate if it is safe to shallow clone or (manually specify) e.g. a
date or tag-1 to fetch commits since.

Probably still too much effort to implement...

This would in theory be totally feasible if makepkg had a builtin
feature to apply patches (which I think would be considered a "this is
doing too much" feature) in addition to some way to reverse the pkgver()
function to acquire the tag used in pkgver= and then specify git clone
--shallow-since=${tag}~1 but at this point it becomes understandable why
no one has any interest in implementing it. :)

Eli Schwartz
Bug Wrangler and Trusted User

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