[arch-general] systemd-suspend hangs from time to time

Bjoern Franke bjo at nord-west.org
Thu Mar 22 13:52:18 UTC 2018


from time to time, systemd-suspend hangs on my Thinkpad X140e. After
starting a suspend (through e.g. closing the lid), the following happens:

Mär 21 22:32:56 ostrea systemd[1]: Started Suspend.
Mär 21 23:26:07 ostrea systemd[1]: Starting Suspend...
Mär 21 23:26:07 ostrea systemd-sleep[11437]: Suspending system...

dmesg shows:
[40655.526324] PM: suspend entry (deep)
[40655.526331] PM: Syncing filesystems ... done.

But nothing further happens:
  JOB UNIT                    TYPE  STATE
68633 systemd-suspend.service start running
68632 suspend.target          start waiting

After "sudo systemctl restart systemd-suspend" the laptop suspends, but
I have no clue why it fails in the first place.
I've searched around and found something regarding asynchronous pm, but
that did not help.

Kind regards

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